Wholesale Turkish Dried Figs


Perfect for bruschetta, somewhat toasted in the stove, with a cheddar based spread. Likewise extraordinary with a hot cooked feast or a tranquility of meal presented with sauce. To a few, bread with dried foods grown from the ground isn’t another thing, however to others, it will be a disclosure. You have to attempt this!


(from Sale and Pepe Serbia, November 2011)

250 g flour

50 g ground almonds

140 g dried figs, diced

10 g new yeast

150 ml tepid water

olive oil


Break up yeast in tepid water. Give it a chance to actuate. Blend flour with ground almonds, include yeast and work. Include somewhat salt, figs and manipulate for a couple of more minutes. Move into oiled bowl, cover and let ascend for around 2 hours.

Ply the mixture yet again and partition into two a balance of. Shape each into little baguette. Cover and let ascend for another thirty minutes. Heat in a preheated broiler on 350°F/180°C for around 30 minutes. Let cool and afterward cut into thin cuts.

Turkey dried figs, Turkish dried figs

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