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Dried Figs in Honey – Best Taste

Parsimonious pastries and puddings are frequently hard to assemble in a brief span outline. Yes, you can come down berries with a little lemon pizzazz and sugar, yet work well for you on a unique event it won’t. This basic formula for Dried Figs in Honey, be that as it may, ticks all the crates. Not exclusively does it take a matter of minutes to “put together” it is sweet, wanton and fulfilling.

Crisp figs are an amazingly perishable organic product, just ready to last a couple of days before surrendering to the unavoidable decay. In that capacity, figs are regularly safeguarded, as other organic product, through drying. Dried figs keep going for far longer, regularly in overabundance of numerous months, and as with other dried natural product have a more serious sweetness and denser surface than their crisp partners.

Dried Figs in Honey Recipe (3)

In spite of the fact that officially sweet, figs combine splendidly with nectar. New figs are, as I would like to think, best served just showered with somewhat runny nectar. While, dried figs are divine cooked in nectar and permitted to puff up and warm through. These are extremely hazardous waters on the off chance that you don’t have an especially sweet tooth. On the off chance that debauchery is your thing, this formula will yield an impeccable, straightforward sweet.

* much gratitude to my Grandfather for the motivation for this dish, something he has been serving up to me at lunchtimes for a long while.

Dried Figs in Honey

Serves 2


6 dried figs

2 tbsp nectar

1 tbsp additional virgin olive oil

1 tbsp water

1 tbsp mascarpone cheddar

a couple of sprigs of thyme


In a little dish bring the nectar, oil and water to a delicate stew. Place the figs in the nectar, put the cover on the pan and leave for 3-4 minutes until the point when the figs have warmed through.

Place three figs in each dish and sprinkle with the staying nectar. With two pastry spoons shape your mascarpone into two quinelles and place on the organic product.

Sprinkle a little crisp thyme over each dish and serve quickly. Espresso ought to be adjacent.

Dried Figs in Honey Recipe (1) Dried Figs in Honey Recipe (4)

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